Setting up VPN with Actiontec Router

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It tells me to "check the log files" but don't know how on my AFS. You can add another router to your network. However once they make the connection that they can disconnect the VPN to get the full bandwidth and still be able to watch the game. Obviously the websites you are connecting to, the ad networks on those sites, etc all still will be able to track you. If you have a different router or a server that can do this, it would need to be placed in the DMZ.

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May 18,  · I don't believe the Actiontec Router has the capability to support inbound VPN. The only way to do this is to buy a VPN router and place it in the DMZ. Jan 12,  · Login to your Verizon router and using port mapping, map port , both UDP and TCP, to your OpenVPN machine address: xxx Now you have a VPN server that is running at your FIOS IP address. If you like the VPN solution, you could look at getting your home gateway router to act as your VPN client, but I don't think the Verizon FiOS (actually Actiontec) MIWR factory firmware supports that.